Welcome!! Why is this blog being activated?

Why am I starting this blog now? Hancock County is facing some major issues and has some major needs. We are about to start going to the polls within the week to either elect new leaders or re-elect leaders that are going to face these issues. Hopefully, they will face them head on and the years long habit of “kicking the can” down the road will finally come to an end.

Here’s what I intend to do with this site…

  1. Put out as much information as is possible to help you the voter make informed decisions.
  2. Accept your questions and comments about issues facing our county and do my very best to answer those questions and comments truthfully, fairly and unbiased.
  3. Provide access to documents that give you the voter, in black and white, the information you need to make your own informed decision about referendum question on the May ballot, the Criminal Justice Facilities Project, meeting minutes, and all other pertinent information regarding your county government.
  4. I will do my best to bring clarity to unfounded claims, stats and false facts being thrown around by various campaigns and interested persons that have greatly confused the entire discussion around the Project and its impact to the citizens and taxpayers of Hancock County.
  5. I will do my best to remain very clear whether information that is presented here is FACT or my OPINION or the OPINION of another.


What I will not do with this site…

  1. I will not engage in the impugning of any individual’s character or motivations while discussing issues our county faces. All my posts will keep in mind that in my opinion all persons currently holding office or seeking office love and value our community and have the best intentions for the people of Hancock County. While I find myself in disagreement with a number of those individuals about how we solve problems, I do not and will not question their integrity.
  2. I will not give false facts nor will mislead you with half truths or opinions that cannot be backed up with sound reasoning.

I will update and populate this site as quickly as possible in the interest of helping you be informed. Help me out…PLEASE. Have a question? Something that needs clarified? Comments? Please email me at john@hancockcounty.inĀ  and I will do my best to address your concerns here. Please note in your email as to whether you would prefer your name be included or omitted in my response.

Thank you all so much!

Please share this website with friends and family via email, facebook, or directly to www.hancockcounty.in

Thank you,


John D. Jessup

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