Meeting at Annex Last Night on the Project.

As a side note…my beautiful daughter Rachel got her first varsity start on the EH Varsity Softball squad last night…Batted 3 for 3, had 8 put outs in her first start as catcher in EH’s 10-0 victory. I missed that so that I could be there for all the people that have questions and have been lamenting how they have had no opportunities to hear discussion on this project or referendum. I missed that to answer questions and give a lot of people who are being given incorrect information and half truths the chance to clear up things. I suppose its easier to just spread rumors, and disinformation than it is to take a little time to get the truth. Rach was pretty disappointed, but in true fashion to my kids (and I know a few other kids of sitting commissioners that have given up countless hours with their dads over the years for the business of Hancock County), she said “I understand, Pops”….I’m glad she understands, because I sure don’t.

Please if you’ve got questions about this project…Come see me Thursday or come see me Friday.

Please check this out...

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